The Best Freestyle Rappers

We all have our different opinions when it comes to who the best rapper is. Some of us are old school, some of us are into the gangster rap and some are sadly into todays rap artists who no lyrical content. Whichever category you fall under, freestyle rap is a different ball game. Freestyle can mean different things, but nowadays most people who are free styling over a beat are just rhyming pre-written verses that they memorized or other rhymes that they have store in their arsenal. While others may say that only those who rap off the top of their head, with no pre-written raps are the true freestyles.

With that being said here is a personal list of some of my favorite rappers when it comes to freestyles and one of my favorite freestyles that they have rapped.

1) Canibus

Canibus is one of the best lyricist in my personal opinion. In his prime his freestyle raps ( and verses on albums) were just insane. His vocabulary, his metaphors and punchlines were so complex at times, they could easily go over your head if you’re not really paying attention or know anything about the subject that he’s referencing. I can’t tell you how many times I would listen to his raps, then a few years later I would be watching something on TV on national geographic or the history channel and they would talk about something that canibus was referencing and the verse made that much more sense and was even more impressive than I originally thought. He really made me wit down and actually want to learn how to write raps. The only downside is Canibus could not make a hit album to save his life, he just wasn’t that type of emcee. However, his rhymes were above and beyond the average rapper and that’s why I loved him so much.

2) Eminem

We all know that Eminem came from battle rapping. This is how he earned his reputation as an emcee. He went to live battles and competed to show his lyrical skill. Eminem is also one of those rappers who freestyles his written raps but has also demonstrated his ability to freestyle of the top of the head. What I love about Eminem is his ability to to bend words and make words rhyme that shouldn’t. He’s clever, witty and funny and can just make another person look stupid when he raps. If you really piss him off and he decides to do a diss record on you, than R.I.P. He’s one of those rappers that you just don’t want to piss off because he will tear your ass a new one on wax. Eminem will forever be one of my favorite lyricists of all time.

3) Supernatural

Supernatural is one of those dudes that people talk about when they say “true freestyle rapper”. His ability to freestyle of the top of his head is just crazy. In terms of complex rhymes and lyrical flow, he’s not up there with Canibus or Eminem, but his ability to just freestyle is much more impressive. He can rap about objects as you place them in his hands. This is to prove that he is completely going off the top of his head. A True Emcee and is probably the first person to ever make me want to learn how to become a rapper.

4) Juice

Juice is another emcee who is known for his off the dome freestyle raps. He has also competed in rap battles and is probably known more famously for his rap battles between both Supernatural to whom he loss to, and Eminem way back before Eminem was signed to a table, which Juice won and Em came in 2nd. He is a true emcee and will forever go down as a legend in the freestyle community. For more visit